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Sand free beach towels have become an essential item for beach-lovers worldwide. These innovative towels are designed to repel sand and other debris, making them a must-have for anyone who enjoys spending time at the beach. In this article, we’ll explore the various uses of sand free beach towels, which materials are best to use, and why The Big Towel is Australia’s most popular option.

Mother and daughter laughing and playing with Hamptons Blue Big Towel
The Biggest Sand Free Beach Towel in Australia

A sand free beach towel is an excellent choice for those who love the beach but hate the mess that comes with it. These towels are designed to repel sand, making it easier to keep your beach area clean and comfortable and making life a lot easier when it comes to packing up. They’re also ideal for use on boats, at parks, or anywhere else where sand or dirt might be an issue.

When it comes to materials, sand free beach towels are typically made from lightweight, quick-drying fabrics such as microfibre. These materials are highly absorbent, making them perfect for drying off after a swim, and they’re also easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, these materials are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use.

The popularity of sand free beach towels has exploded in recent years, with many brands offering a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. However, one brand in particular has emerged as a leader in the field: The Big Towel. The Big Towel is an Australian brand that specialises in sand free beach towels and blankets, offering a range of high-quality options for individuals, couples and families that are hitting the beach. They stand out from the crowd as they’re not just a beach towel, or beach blanket. they offer an umbrella or Coolcabana hole in the centre of each towel to provide shade over your whole towel. They include corner sand pockets to anchor your towel in wind and they include a secret zipper pocket to keep your valuables out of the sand and sight of passers-by.

The Big Towel has a hidden, secret zipper pocket for valuables or items that need to stay out of the sand.
Secret Zipper Pocket

The Big Towel’s sand free beach towels are made from a unique blend of microfibre, making them incredibly lightweight, quick-drying, and durable. They make use of both microfibre suede and a microfibre pineapple weave. Furthermore, they’re designed to repel sand and other debris, making it easy to keep your beach area clean and comfortable. The Big Towel’s sand free beach towels are also available in a range of sizes and designs, from compact options for couples to oversized options that can accommodate multiple people.

Another reason for The Big Towel’s popularity is its range of stylish and practical designs. The brand offers a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, with a coastal and nature theme throughout, making it easy to find a sand free beach towel that matches your style and personality. Additionally, The Big Towel’s towels are designed to be versatile, built-in pockets, umbrella holes and carry bags.

In conclusion, sand free beach towels have become an essential item for beachgoers who want to stay clean and comfortable while enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. Materials such as suede and pineapple weave microfibre are best for these towels, as they’re light, quick-drying, lightweight, and durable.

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