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Microfibre is great!

Microfibre is a synthetic fibre with a diameter a fifth of the width of a single human hair. Together, these incredibly fine fibres come together by the billions in a range of different manufactured materials, such as polyester and polyamide.

Because the microfibres are so compact, the resulting material is incredibly strong, durable and most importantly, very liquid absorbent and fast drying. As you can imagine, microfibres are used in products for a range of purposes.

But due to these special characteristics, they make for a great towel and blanket for the beach, park, camper or traveller.

When shopping for microfibre towels, you’ll often be looking for a select your desired size and if it’s extra large you’re after, then The Big Towel is your best option. The great thing about the compact nature of microfibre towels, is that, even in the case of extra large ones, they’re still managed to fold or roll up into a tight little package, ready for the beach bag.

Close-up of Mamanuca Mint Big Towel & Canvas Bag in focus with beach softly blurred in background
Microfibre material rolls up into a compact size for carrying and storage

The sheer size of The Big Towel allows it’s utility to be endless. Let the whole family spread out on the beach, use it for a group yoga session, wrap it around yourself and others dry or keep you warm, this microfibre towel is one of a kind.

The Big Microfibre Beach Towel

Whether drying off after swimming, lounging on the sand, or laying out in the sun a microfibre beach towel is a summer must-have. But not all beach towels are created equally. 

Microfibre towels are judged by their strength, drying time, absorbency, washability, how sand-free they, softness are their colour fastness. We’ve ensured to that when you buy a Big Towel, you are buying the best quality microfibre beach towel possible.

Whitsunday Sand Big Towel

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