Coastal Stripes


Inspired by island coastlines around the world, The Big Towel’s Coastal Stripes Collection features natural beach colours from the Hamptons, Whitsunday Islands and Santorini. Enjoy long, lazy beach days in luxury and style whilst the whole family or group of friends spread out on The Big Towel.

Hamptons Blue

Coastal chic, nautical navy-blue and seaside grandeur. Some of the imagery that The Hamptons so famously conjures in all of us. Our Hamptons Blue Coastal Stripes draws on all of these styles to produce one of our favourite designs.

Rolling up The Big Towel
The Big Towel Product Tag Hamptons Blue
Suntanning on the Big Towel

Whitsunday Sand

Arguably, Australia’s most beautiful island archipelago, the Whitsundays induce images of long, unspoilt beaches of fine, silica sand. Break your Whitsundays wanderlust on the striped Whitsunday Sand towel.

The Big Towel Whitsunday Island Sand
The Big Towel Product Tag Whitsunday Sand
The Big Towel Whitsunday Islands

Santorini Stone

With cobblestone pathways and pebbled beaches, Santorini introduces a little Mediterranean flavour into our Coastal Stripes Collection.

The Big Towel Santorini Stone
The Big Towel Product Tag Santorini Stone
The Big Towel Santorini Cobblestone Pathway
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