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There are a few requirements when it comes to considering which is the best beach blanket in Australia. A good beach blanket needs to not only be a good size, in order to fit you, your friends and family as well as your things, but it also needs to be useful and sand resistant.

Sea Foam Big Towel on the beach

Whether you’re looking for a large beach blanket for the entire family or a beach blanket just for one, to spread out; we have no doubt you will find that The Big Towel is the perfect blanket for your needs.

You probably already have a beach towel, so why do you need blankets on the beach anyway? Perhaps you have a picnic blanket – won’t that do the job too? Well, unlike your beach towel, the purpose of an outdoor beach blanket is not to dry you off (although this can be achieved using the microfibre Big Towel). The purpose of a beach blanket throw is, so you have somewhere comfortable to sit and lie, off the sand, while enjoying your time at the beach.  

Suntanning on The Big Towel

Sure, you can sit on your beach towel if you like, but what about when your towel is wet from drying yourself – then where do you sit? Is your beach towel big enough or do you keep getting sand on yourself? If you have both a towel and a soft beach blanket, then even when you and your towel are wet and sandy, you still have somewhere to sit, lie, eat and drink.

So why not just use a regular, cotton picnic blanket? Well, a The Big Towel is a beach blanket that is made with suede microfibre, a special type of fabric to repel sand. How annoying is sand when it sticks to everything! Your standard picnic blankets don’t repel sand because they are designed for grassy areas, not the beach. Cotton picnic blankets can also not get wet. When they do, they take forever to dry. Our microfibre beach blanket is fast-drying too.

So, with a blanket specifically designed for the beach, you can rest assured you won’t have sand sticking all over your blanket and you won’t have a drenched picnic blanket to try and carry home.

Things to Consider When Deciding on a Beach Blanket

When it comes to buying a sand proof blanket, consider the following factors:


One of the most important considerations when it comes to a beach and picnic blanket is the fabric that it’s made from. Ensure that your beach blanket is made from lightweight, fast-drying, sand-repelling microfibre. It’s the only way.


Rolling up The Big Towel

You want a beach blanket which is big enough to comfortably sit on as well as store your personal items. You will want to consider how many people you want to be able to fit on your blanket. Is it just for you to sit on? Or do you want it big enough for the entire family. The Big Towel is 3 metres by 3 metres – it’s enormous, but it rolls up into the size of a 2 litre bottle. The Big Towel is essentially the size of between 6 and 8 regular sized beach towels and fits neatly inside its own drawstring, canvas bag. Size is a big consideration, especially when travelling with your big beach blanket.


Most of us, when arriving and leaving the beach are carrying a mountain of things to and from the car, sometimes walking a fair distance. You don’t want your beach blanket to be adding to the difficulty of this journey. So your beach blanket needs to be lightweight. The Big Towel weighs less than 2 kgs. This is also a big plus when travelling or hiking with your big beach blanket.

Extra Features

The best beach blankets can come with a range of different features which help with storage and keeping it in place on the beach. Well The Big Towel doesn’t disappoint.

Drawstring Canvas Bag 

Beach blankets need to eventually be rolled or folded up and stored away until the next outing. The Big Towel comes with a complimentary drawstring, canvas bag that the rolled up beach blanket can be easily stored and carried in.

The Big Towel Secret Zip Pocket Classic Solids Sea Foam

Zip Pocket:

If you want somewhere to keep your keys and other valuables, make sure that your beach blanket which has pockets. A secret zipper pocket for storing your valuables, out of sight and out of sand can be found on the underside of The Big Towel.

Sand Pockets for Anchors:

Some beach blankets come with added features to keep the blanket in place. Look for a beach blanket with some sort of anchor to weigh the beach blanket down in windy conditions. The Big Towel has four corner sand pockets to ensure that your beach blanket stays firmly in place when the breeze picks up.

There are plenty of beach blankets for sale, but not all have the essential features to be considered Australia’s ultimate beach blanket. So, if you’re considering purchasing a beach throw blanket, then why would you look past Australia’s latest landmark, The Big Towel is the perfect beach blanket.

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